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The Breidner Linguistic Method enables readers/speakers to read another language without any study or memorization, by reading their own language.

In this edition of the Psalms, Hebrew letters that sound the same as English letters are very gradually placed into words in an English sentence; No study or memorization- just read English!

   Swiftly, Hebrew letters become imprinted upon the mindset of the reader.

   Shortly, English words in sentences are read effortlessly with Hebrew letters.

   Producing, Hebrew letters = English words in English sentences.

   Creating, your ability to read Hebrew without vowel or punctuation marks.

   Achievement! The transition is made to read Hebrew letters and words.

   Literacy, you can now read any Hebrew text without transliterations!
You can read and understand Hebrew in any interliniar Hebrew/English
   book. The English translation is under every Hebrew word: a dictionary is not necessary!

   You can speak Hebrew! Just vocalize the Hebrew you are reading!

   You can Write Hebrew! English words with Hebrew letter ensure your privacy in social media, e-mail, and many other forms of communication.

   Complete Literacy: You can begin reading, speaking, and writing Hebrew without study or memorization- with the Breidner Linguistic Method (BLM).

Psalms – Paperback Edition
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You can learn Hebrew easily.
You can learn conversational Hebrew. You can learn the Hebrew alphabet.
You can speak Hebrew. You can learn Biblical Hebrew.
You can write Hebrew You can learn Hebrew at any age.
You can learn modern Hebrew. You can learn with our free Hebrew audio.

Millions have acquired Hebrew literacy using their native language.
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Samuel Gordon, LLC Publishers of The Breidner Linguistic Method-BLM in Little River, South Carolina, offers a language program that allows you to learn Hebrew effortlessly. Our system enables readers and speakers to read another language, without any studying or memorization, by using their own native tongue. The Breidner Linguistic Method enables English readers how to identify the sounds of Hebrew letters, morphed into English words.

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Product Description:

When you can read the words you can understand the words and when you understand the words you can understand the message.

Reading = Literacy: Speaking a language alone is not complete language literacy; however, if you can read the language you can speak the language.

You can read and identify the entire word after you know the sounds of the letters within the word. You just did that when you read this sentence.

The American Constitution, presidential speeches, literary works, lose meaning when translated into Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Russian, etc.

The Breidner Linguistic Method [BLM] maintains the meaning of a sentence when translated into another language.

BLM is the world's only language acquisition system which creates literacy by moving the identification and sound of letters from one language to another and imprints them upon the mindset of the reader without any study or memorization.

BLM coordinates a free download audio narration with the written word that accelerates an immediate ability to decode foreign letters into familiar sounding words, in the reader's native language, without the use of punctuation marks.

Reading Hebrew using the Breidner Linguistic Method is a first step for literacy in the language of the State of Israel, and the ability to read both the Old Testament for Christians and Tanakh for Jews, [The Torah, The Prophets, (Nevi'im) and The Writings (Kethuvim) = Ta-Na-Kh] in the in the beautiful and meaningful language in which it was written. Within a month, our customers report that they are able to read an entire text, such as the Old Testament or Tanakh in Hebrew using the interlinear version, since the English translation is under every Hebrew word and they now experience comprehension from the source.

Please note: this edition of the Psalms was translated directly into English from the original Hebrew text to create a literary vehicle for language acquisition by teaching the sounds of Hebrew letters that correspond to English. It is not the product of any religious denomination. It should not be viewed as a faith based document.

Introducing the Breidner Linguistic Method

We learned to read after we understood our spoken native language.

When we understood the words being used around us, we could identify words made up of the letters which stood for those sounds. Those sounds blended together create words we know.

Those words clustered into sentences created thoughtful comprehension, and we could read.

We comprehended what we read because we identified the sound that the letters represent, and then blended those sounds into words that we are ready knew, but you can't sound out “knew.”

It is for that reason that identifying a “whole” word, and not sounding out the letters in the word, is vital for language fluency.

The Breidner Linguistic Method uses this process to acquire a new language.

Identifying the sounds of the letters that individually make up a word can be, so overwhelming that the meaning of the word and the sentence become lost.

Pronunciation marks around letters [diacritical marks] that may be found in most dictionaries, add to this difficulty. Imagine reading a text in English with the diacritical marks around every word as it is in many Hebrew texts.

English readers and speakers create word clusters blending sounds that have meaning.

Example: Can you open the can of Polish polish? Note how you just modified the vowel sounds in can/can and Polish/polish in order for the sentence to have meaning.

BLM uses an individual's native language to enable communication in a new language with words that have meaning to the reader/speaker.

The Breidner Linguistic Method permits English readers to identify the sounds of letters, in this case the Hebrew, morphed into English words, without study or memorization.

BLM uses English to decode Hebrew letters by reading the Psalms, as a first step toward acquiring a Hebrew vocabulary for comprehension.

After learning how to use Hebrew letters to easily read English words, Hebrew words are slowly substituted intuitively in a sentence, beginning the process of developing a Hebrew vocabulary.

English speakers have learned to read Hebrew effortlessly using BLM.

The Breidner Linguistic Method uses the individual's native language to learn a new language.

The Breidner Linguistic Method accelerates complete literacy in a new language.

The Breidner Linguistic Method uses reading in the English language as a structure while it imprints the sound of Hebrew letters in place of the same sound of English letters in the mindset of the reader.

Gradually, a Hebrew letter of the same sound replaces an English letter within a word.

Hebrew fluency and pronunciation is enhanced using the free downloadable audio aid of the entire 150 Psalms narrating the written word and imprinting the sound of the word into the mindset of the reader.

On occasion, a Hebrew word is then gradually substituted for its synonym in English.

Most English speakers can read the same newspaper, but reading aloud there's often an obvious difference in the way they pronounce words.

The Breidner Linguistic Method completely eliminates pronunciation problems.

Throughout the world, individuals speak with different accents and dialects due to their environment when they learned to speak their native language.

Pronunciation variances are the result of the speakers accent – their phoneme inventory.

An individual's phoneme inventory/accent does not hold back reading a new language. Regardless of accent, all English speakers can read the same book!

People who are not fluent in a language often use a dictionary to indicate pronunciation through the use of diacritical marks around letters. Our free downloadable audio of the 150 Psalms eliminates this concern.

Hebrew taught with diacritical marks handicaps learning. It has been unsuccessful for the majority of people, especially Americans, attempting to acquire that language.

Hebrew speakers in Israel, just as native English speakers, learn to read without diacritical marks.

BLM teaches Hebrew letters through reading English and some Hebrew whole word recognition, prior to the reader's expanding their vocabulary, often without a dictionary, using an interlinear Hebrew/English text.

The Breidner Linguistic Method is unique because it morphs the fluency of a person's native language into the new language being acquired. It does this gradually and effortlessly without study or memorization, implanting the new language letter code into “whole” words for the comprehension of the material being read.

When you read you speak the words mentally; in order to speak it only requires vocalization.

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