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Inspiring Testimonials

"I'm learning to read Hebrew!"
— James G. Austin

"This is an excellent way to learn to read Hebrew. The introduction of Hebrew letters makes familiarization of them a natural experience."
— lstrobel

"It really works. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to start learning Hebrew."
— Lester Babb

"Outstanding! Surpassed all my expectations! I am amazed at how well this method works. It is work, but far easier than the traditional methods I have used in the past."
— Fifi

"I have read most of the Psalms, in English, parts of it in French, and German. This time I began reading from page one and have continued reading, one page at a time."
— Arthur L. Duell, M.D.

"Great book. Bizarre way to learn a new language, but so far so good. Languages are not easy for me, but this system takes it nice and slow and I'm working through it."
— Crystal A. Thompson

"I studied some of Biblical Greek in college but never had an opportunity to study Hebrew. I have purchased Hebrew books over the years but never had the time or took the time to."
— by Dan Snider

"... He is a dedicated and knowledgeable educator who has a thorough grasp of educational needs..."
— Nathan Quinones, Former Chancellor, New York City School system.

" ....On behalf of the Executive Board and the membership of the Queens County Council of Reading Teachers, I should like to express our deep and sincere appreciation to you for your outstanding leadership in the Fundamentals and Diagnosis in Remedial Reading. You were superb!"
— L. Washington 

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