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Samuel Gordon Breidner is the grandson of Samuel Gordon, [1871 - 1928] who achieved an international reputation for his ability to use language as a vehicle for transmitting thoughts; most noted for his guiding rule that, "When you can read Hebrew, you shall know our Heritage; when you know our Heritage you shall recognize wisdom."

Samuel Gordon Breidner advanced his grandfather's work, beginning as a classroom teacher in the New York City school system, and then advancing as a New York State permanently certified school administrator and supervisor [kindergarten - 12th year].

As the CEO of the New York Teachers Alliance, he directed several hundred licensed teachers who prepared students for the New York State Regents examinations in every subject area.

As the director of the Breidner Reading Laboratories in New York City, he established methods and materials to teach people of all ages to read.

As the headmaster of the American Jewish Academy he established the syllabus and curriculum from kindergarten through the 12th year for non-Orthodox Jewish day schools throughout North America.

"... He is a dedicated and knowledgeable educator who has a thorough grasp of educational needs..." Nathan Quinones, Former Chancellor, New York City School system.

"... On behalf of the Executive Board and the membership of the Queens County Council of Reading Teachers, I should like to express our deep and sincere appreciation to you for your outstanding leadership entitled "Fundamentals of Diagnosis in Remedial Reading." You were superb."
L. Washington, President

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