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Q. How is the Breidner Linguistic Method different and better than other ways of learning a new language?

    There are many advertised language acquisition methods on the market. Some teach how to speak and others allow for connecting words with pictures of objects. As far as we know, the Breidner Linguistic Method is the only system, worldwide, that produces complete reading, speaking, and writing fluency in a new language by simply reading one's own native language, such as English. If you can read the language then you will be able to speak the language and write the language - BLM provides complete literacy in language acquisition.

Q. Why is the Breidner Linguistic Method so successful for those who have previously struggled to learn a foreign language?

    Think about it. Before most people learn to read, even as a very young child, they already spoke the language. When they were shown how to decode the letters into a sound, and blend those letters into a word, followed by a sentence -- they could read. The Breidner Linguistic Method, by the very first day, effortlessly morphs the individual's native language - in this case, English - into another language without studying or memorizing material. Take a look here and see how it works.

Q. Can I look up a word in English, in English/Hebrew dictionary, and read the word using Hebrew letters?

    Yes, without a problem.

Q. Can this book help my friend, who is traveling to Israel, and would like to be able to read the street signs and also shop signs?

    Yes - Before leaving the plane your friend should be able to read Hebrew.

Q. When will other languages be available?

    We are working on that right now. A schedule of new languages will be available in a few months.

Q. What books, other than The Psalms, can be used?

    This method can be used to learn a new language by reading any book. Several are now being reviewed for this purpose.

Q. Are there opportunities for writers to earn royalties using the Breidner Linguistic Method?

    Yes. Writers interested in using this method should contact us for further information.

Q. Do you have a return policy?

    Except for bulk orders of 7 or more books, all purchases are available from the Internet and independent booksellers or our shop now page. The following policy applies to bulk orders only:

    The Breidner Linguistic Method is offered at a price below most language acquisition systems, even though it is the only program available which offers complete literacy in the target language. Due to the short time needed to acquire language acquisition using the Breidner Linguistic Method a 33% restocking fee will be charged if this product is returned prepaid within 10 days of the original shipping date; we will not accept a return after that date. Please note that you can visit Amazon.com to look inside the book.

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